Facing Challenges

We all face challenges in our lives, in our relationships, life transitions, family dynamics and difficulties in managing our emotions.

Mental Health Counseling Facing Challenges counseling

Finding Resilience

Seeking help and engaging in therapy may feel like an overwhelming and intimidating experience, however, together we will address challenges in a positive and safe environment.

Mental Health Counseling
in Hawaii

Owner, Alicia Fu is a Hawaii Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC). She is born and raised in Hawaii and comes from a multicultural background. She has clinical experience in working in both inpatient, outpatient settings, and community settings.

Suffering From?

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • trauma
  • grief
  • addiction
  • life transitions

We’re here to help.

Therapy Services

Resilience Counseling provides therapy in Hawaii to individuals, adults and adolescents, couples and families.

We specialize in working with individuals who may experience anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, interpersonal conflicts, adjustment issues, addiction, and life transitions.

Caring and kind makes talking easy she feels like a true friend & just what the Dr. ordered. She is worth having as a therapist if your seeking reliable help with life in general makes you comfortable. Doesn’t feel like past therapists that just listen but, don’t really care about helping you through your problems.
Kifurin, 10 Jan 2023
Trenton S., 17 Mar 2023
Attentive and professional always a supportive ear.
Cat, 23 Dec 2022

I’ve had a couple sessions with Alicia and I feel so comfortable talking to her. Since the moment we spoke I could feel that she genuinely cared and wanted to help me through my issues.

Ester M., 20 Mar 2023
Alicia is great, she really takes time to listen and understand where I’m coming from, and help with problem solving for any issues I have. She’s also great at walking me through and helping me understand my thoughts and why i feel or react the way I do.
Audrey, 23 Dec 2022

Been seeing Alicia for a few months now, best counselor I had. Down to earth and makes me feel comfortable telling her my problems.

Arron, 21 Mar 2023

I got to meet and work with Alicia,she makes me feel real comfortable and I like that she’s so down to earth and I can relate to her from her age and she very knowledgeable and I love her honesty and her passion and actually caring on what she does!🙏👍 she’s the best! And the way we met was funny, but was on a important situation that I went through.and felt a connection and very comfortable and easy to talk to! That’s very important and I feel it’s something you can’t teach👍👍

Grant M., 17 Mar 2023